Health & Safety

for our people and our planet

The environment is at the centre of everything we do. Our environmental policy ensures that we use a range of the most eco-friendly products  and materials available to help reduce the impact on the environment and to keep our people free from harmful chemicals. See below to view our policy documents.


Safe, sustainable & as green as possible on every job

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Take a look at our cleaning side as an example. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products which are specifically formulated to be extremely effective on all surfaces. At ECS, we use one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of environmentally-friendly cleaning products that is also proud holder of two Royal Warrants - Delphis.


While every product provides superior cleaning action, they also provide a safer alternative to harsh, chemical packed cleaners. Each plastic bottle is 100% recycled, 100% made in Britain, 100% food safe, zero phosphates/ phosphonates, zero harmful fumes and zero animal testing.

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ECS & Delphis Eco Products:


Delphis Eco Professional products

Only effective concentrated formulas

Each plastic bottle is 100% recycled

Zero harmful fumes

100% food safe

100% made in Britain

No synthetic fragrances

Zero phosphates/phosphonates

Zero animal testing

Third party recognition

Policy Documents

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