New Build Snagging

The Importance of New Build Snagging

Sometimes new construction has faults due to poor workmanship or due to natural causes. The process of identifying and addressing faults in new properties is known as snagging. Identifying these faults are necessary because they could leave property owners with headaches down the line. Even minor faults, such as air leakage spots in the walls or poorly fitted roofing, can create serious problems in the future and can cause property owners to spend lots of money and time on repairs. Snagging can be done during the build or when buying new property. No matter what stage you decide to hire an independent snagging company, snagging is an important stage in property development that shouldn’t be overlooked. You want to make sure that you are able to identify and fix any problems as early as possible before bigger issues occur. The importance of identifying these faults is what makes new build snagging essential and making snagging management service a fast growing industry. 

Due to rapid development around the UK, many new buildings are being assembled without attention to detail, shoddy workmanship and without proper care. Because of this, sometimes results can be catastrophic, making the need for new build snagging and snagging management service more important than ever. Imagine buying a new home and finding out that the construction wasn’t up to par or paying for damages due to builders not paying attention to detail. To avoid these situations at all costs, it is crucial to hire an independent snagging company to take a critical eye when assessing the condition of the property that you are interested in. 

If you are looking for an independent snagging company around Hertfordshire, contact the experts at Enviro Contract Solutions. Not all contractors are the same. When you're looking for a reliable, effective, hassle-free snagging management service for your construction or commercial projects, ECS are there, with just the right skillset, knowledge, site specific process and eco-friendly products, all managed from a single point of contact. 

ECS provides a comprehensive internal and external snagging service via our smart app on all new-build and refurbished properties. Get up-to-the-minute real-time reports with time logged pictures and notes detailing all the issues or faults uncovered in line with NHBC guidеlinеѕ. You can manage, monitor and sign off with this service onsite or remotely.