Pub Cleaning

The Importance of Pub Cleaning and Restaurant Cleaning

A dirty restaurant and pub is often an indicator of bad food and unhealthy eating conditions. It can make customers have second thoughts about coming back. It might even force them to leave a negative review, which could give you a lousy reputation and hurt future profits. Without frequent restaurant cleaning or pub cleaning services health inspection violations and fines might be in order. Even worse, unclean kitchens and dining areas can actually make people sick.

If you are in need of restaurant cleaning or pub cleaning around Hertfordshire, give us a call, here at Enviro Contract Solutions. At ECS, we use eco-friendly products specifically formulated to be extremely effective on all surfaces. And since they're environmentally friendly, you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals making your customers sick. While every product provides superior cleaning action, they also provide a safer alternative to harsh, chemical packed cleaners. The plastic bottles are 100percent recycled, 100 percent made in Britain, and 100 percent food-safe, too. Plus, there are zero phosphates and phosphonates and zero harmful fumes. Even better? There is zero animal testing on our cleaning products.

Here at ECS, we also offer gym cleaning service to keep your clients safe from bacteria and sanitation issues. Whether you are in need of pub cleaning, restaurant cleaning or gym cleaning service, you'll find no better place in London to help you than ECS. We specialize in commercial cleaning services, and our team is as dependable as the products we endorse. We'll clean and sanitize every area and piece of equipment from top to bottom. Our deep cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning in the shower and bathrooms. After all, most everyone hits the shower after their workout.

It's more important than ever to keep the premises disinfected and sanitized. You can not run the risk of helping to spread germs. That's why a deep clean service is so helpful. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to get the job done right every time.

Why have your staff clean? Instead, work with the professionals to ensure your gym is healthy, clean, and safe for your clients. Call or email us at ECS today and let's make a plan