Sealant Services

The Importance of Sealant Services

Sealant services are an essential process during new builds. Sealant application is used to stop the passage of fluids through the surface or joints, or openings, in material. It helps to seal all gaps in between materials. Not only does this ensure that buildings are water tight, but it also ensures that buildings are air tight. Another great benefit to sealant is that it helps to keep energy bills low. When gaps are sealed, it keeps the heat in and stops the cold air from getting in the home during the winter months and keeps the cold air in, if you are using your air conditioner, while keeping the hot air from entering during the summer months. Plus, having a property that keeps water and air from entering the home adds to more comfortability and gives homeowners a peace of mind.

Let us look at some examples where sealant services come into play:

Wall Joints Sealant Application

Water infiltration in the joints can lead to subrade softening, erosion and pumping of subgrade fines. This can result in loss of structural support and faulting. Water joints sealant application is used to minimize the passage of surface water and incompressibles through joints. 

Concrete Floor Sealant Application

Concrete is a porous material that easily absorbs fluids. When a concrete floor doesn’t have concrete floor sealant application, it can the concrete surface. In addition, household chemicals, oil and fertilizer can damage and leave unsealed concrete discolored. When it comes to protecting your concrete, you want to make sure that you do everything possible to protect your concrete and make it as attractive as possible. Using concrete floor sealant application can provide those benefits.

Whether you are in need of water joint sealant application or concrete floor sealant application, Enviro Contract Solutions Ltd is here to help. Enviro Contract Solutions Ltd offers a wide range of sealant services for mastic sealant application which span commercial projects, residential developments and remedial work. We are fully accredited to industry standards such as CSCS, Pasma and IPAF. In addition supervisors and onsite managers are certified with SSSTS. We also understand the importance of finish and work alongside leading manufacturers and the very best products.